09 March, 2014


Minutes ago, I happen to log into Facebook and accidentally visited one of my long-time-no-contact-college bff's profile. Surprisingly, I was kinda amazed by her timeline/feeds. Oddly, that's also the moment when I stupidly realize the reason of all of her absences in our interactions via soc-meds and chat-meds was, that.

She's already at the other continent of the world.
And I felt that I'm the last person knowing it.

Damn, where the hell have I been all these time?

*jedot-jedotin kepala*

Lately, consciously or not, I often judged one, two or somebody around me for being live in small-circled-life (similar pattern of self-centered, or so I define) but mostly I ignored that the same thing might happen to me.

it happened, before I realize.

Argh, humans..
Always look down on others first without concerning the same matter may strike back.
Always judge from the appearance, the appetizer, the cover. The main dish will be considered later.
Never get satisfied on anything. Not even a tiny little thing.
Mostly forget on being thankful when in joy, and cry in loudness to God when in sorrow and pain..
Mostly just talk. Good style covers the words. Act less. *just like what tv-ad said*

Selfish. As if it was born along them.

And so on, and so on, etc.
Words are infinite.

Maybe I should rearrange my life schedule, hour per hour.
Started with finding a new job, maybe? Which seems tempting for me.

Maybe. I should start it. Really soon.

damn, this job must have stressed me to its limit while
two days off in a week no longer enough
and tomorrow comes another Monday already..