19 February, 2014


And hey, dad.
Since you left us for good, things been up and down.
Your children are aging, try to catch up or maybe exceed your age, too.
I, myself am going to be thirty, dad, which in some ways horrify me a bit.

Mom is fine. She'll be flying to Mecca again next month. Too bad none of us can accompany her. But I believe in next trip, we'll go again together. I'm kicking my ass to hardly put part of my my salary for saving. For good ones, thou.

If i continue this writing, there will be lots of "I wish", dad.
So I'm gonna end it here.

See you soon, dad.
I, Mom, Siblings and family, we all love you.
Always have you in my mind.
Always (somehow) believe you're 24/7 standing next to me invinsibly so I barely feel alone.

Wish me well, will you?