26 February, 2014

[Review] Fugu Sushi and Bar

Kenapa kalo lagi kenyang, foto di atas terlihat tidak menggiurkan ya? :

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAnyway, so last night I finally got some time to stop by to try some Japanese meals with iid at Fugu Sushi and Bar. Well it wasn't my first time knowing there is such a place in town, but the hectic jobs and some weirdos prevented me from visiting this place since long time. Fugu Sushi and Bar is the third Japanese Resto/Cafe I've visited, and my bad that I didn't wrote any review about the other two.
The building is nearby Palembang Indah Mall, just across the exit door, at third floor. Stairs and lift provided to reach the place.

Among all the names written in menu, I decided to order Sirloin Tempanyaki because it's already a whole package for hungry people like me (Australian sirloin with vegetables, tofu, rice and miso soup, what else could you expect?) and Strawberry Matcha for the drink (pic above). While Iid chose Beef Soya Ramen and Blackcurrant Matcha.
beef soya ramen; IDR 65K

matcha, with various flavors; IDR 25K
The place's somehow cozy, calm, far from disturbing noises, quite strategic for standing between a mall and a hotel. There is also a bar in the middle of the room for those who might want to order snacks or perhaps, sake. I also felt this place's so "Japanese" especially after two Japanese people came in, sat beside my table and talked Japanese language all the time. Envy you, Japanese couple. But I felt at Osaka already!!

The taste was quite good. I like the matcha. Soon then I realized there're no matcha or other drinks in this menu served/provided in other Japanese Cafe. Different names, maybe. Well the price was also good, too. Good, when it comes to your pay-day. Drains your wallet if you come here at the end of the month. Just like I did. But hey, good and tasty food pleases you in ways you never imagine.


Fugu Sushi and Bar
Jl. Letkol Iskandar No. 18 / PIM buildings area, 3rd floor
62-711 362266


miwwa said...

weisss lengkap dengan alamat nya sekalian :D
they have to pay you for this review!! hahaha

.PoetZ. said...

they definitely must!
hahaha =D