12 September, 2013


I believe this is the best pic I had taken from all moments I had with her. The best-close up-old pic of my late grandmom, taken 2 years ago. I felt terribly bad for not having pic of us together. Damn you, self. We were having annual open house at her house, where we, her children, grand children and grand children's children to gather around, greet each other, enjoy the meals and laugh together as if tomorrows never came.

I remember once Mom said that Grandmom's sight couldn't work well anymore. She worked very hard relying on her hearing. And for me that was, amazing. She was 84 and still able to remember me, exactly on the first guess, by only hearing one sentence came through my mouth. And on every open house being held every year, that was one official thing I and we always did. To greet her, and then laughed since she greeted us back confidently and smiled very wide.

"Glad to have you here, kids."

And when we're about to share some THR to our nephews and nieces, you didn't wanna get left behind. You also got plenty of money to share to us. Us, including the adults, same amount for all. You gave me 50K, Nek, never changed since I was on college :))

"Glad to be here again, Nek."

Taken : Bukittinggi, 23 September 2011
Cam : Sony DSC-W35, 72 dpi, w/ additional resizing.
Nek, this year open-house was truly empty.
No more room where we, your children, your grand children and grand children's children willing to sit, gather around and spend some little time together. A little spare time among all the busiest days we have.
No more "talk-and-guess-who" chit chat, Nek.
And no more you.
That hurts the most.
In an early remembrance of one year passing
 of my beloved Granmom
(Oct 2012 - Oct 2013)


miwwa said...

aku ikutan sedih bacanya un :'(
semoga nenek ditempatkan di sisi Allah yg mulia amin..

Ferfau said...

:( aku ikut aminkan doanya Miwwa, Un..

Andie said...

baca paragraf atas sebelum foto menyenaangkan dan mengharukan hik karna ga pernah bisa ketemu lama sama nenek kakek, apalagi poto bareng :'(

semoga ibadah nenek diterima ya kak, aamiin..