19 September, 2013

Words That Never Tell

You are the sky of my skies,
The roots of my life’s tree,
Pages of my diary,
Main role in my life scenario.

I just want to be someone you can trust most,
Someone understand you better,
Someone beside you when in trouble,
Someone who falls for you too deep,
And hopefully as someone you fall in love with.

I just wanna be that man..

Unless you don’t feel the same,
I have no reason to make you look at me, a lil bit longer,
If it is that wrong to tell the truth,
Then I better shut these lips and heart for ever longer,
So shall the words drift away like never exist.

Then this is should be the story that never tells.

kayaknya puisi ama foto emang kurang nyambung, ya.
namun ga tau gw ngerasa sreg aja gitu, 
apalagi ketika gw sadari pada radius 25m,
ga ada orang yang duduk/sliweran di dekat si pemuda yang ada di foto, 
kecuali gw :)))


Andie said...

kakput jangan galauuuuu

.PoetZ. said...

HEH ini belum kelar postingannya :))
Kenapa udah disubmit ajah -____-