20 September, 2013

What's on Your Mind?

Lelaki 1
I really don't get this.
Nah, nobody would. Been here for couple years and I'm stucked in somewhere absurd in here without any certainty of my future ahead.
If they didn't keep my transcript,  I would be gone for good from the second month I arrived here.

I mean, come on, people.
At least this very-top-management could pay us a lil bit more attention than we can expect.
It would be funny if one of their employees hand over his/her resignation letter for a silly reason. Such as a very-less-almost-nothing appreciation from management to all of their human resources. They can't survive without us. Yet they act the contrary.

I really don't get this.

Lelaki 2
Both of my bosses aren't available so I must in charge for all of today's document?
Ohkay, not the first time though.
But first, I need to finish my business at campus.

Lelaki 3
Finally back to ma' duty..
I've missed this work-sphere so bad.
Lets see, what can I implement from my dissertation?
And oh, I see new faces!

Lelaki 4
The D day is just couple weeks to go.
I must make sure every little things are fully prepared.
It only happens one in ma life time, dude.
So it should be perfect.
Super perfect.
I gotta text my fiancee to synchronize some sched...

Lelaki 5
Lets see what movies playing this week.
Nicholas Cage, Matt Damon..
And what's this Azrax movie?
I will watch all trailers later on.

All of them
C'mon lets have some lunch.
Stummy can't wait longer.

Beautiful minds playing solo in each of their heads 
while their lips having their own chattering.
To kill some times.
Till they back to their tables and continue the duty.